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Campsite near Rochefort

Rochefort lies on the Charente's right bank and is a lovely quiet town with a vibrant history that has seen it approved as a Town of Art and History. We highly recommend taking a trip there during your camping holiday near La Rochelle.

A stroll in the town of Rochefort

Camping near Rochefort-sur-Mer is the perfect opportunity to visit a town with an exciting history and countless gems. Rochefort is a town with a vibrant history that was built in a checkerboard layout. What's unique about it is that it developed from its military arsenal set up in 1666 by Colbert, Louis XIV's minister. Nowadays there are lots of ways to explore Rochefort-sur-Mer. It's a joy walking around town, visiting Place Colbert which appeared in Jacques Demy's famous film The Young Girls of Rochefort, enjoying al fresco drinks or getting lost in the labyrinth of naval battles or the yew-tree maze which children and adults can explore between museum visits. Rochefort is a famous spa resort making it the perfect place to recharge your batteries. The town is surrounded by a group of villages called Rochefort-Océan so you can explore incredible natural heritage between land and sea. Visit stunning nature reserves home to a whole host of flora and fauna. Whether it be the Yves Marsh Nature Reserve, Moëze Nature Reserve or Rochefort lagooning station, they all let you connect with unique nature during your camping break near La Rochelle. Back in civilisation, explore Rochefort's many museums just 20 minutes from the campsite. Visit the Hèbre Saint-Clément Museum to get a better understanding of the town and a famous writer and naval officer during a virtual 3D tour of Pierre Loti's House. The staggering items and collections will blow you away whilst you visit this fantastic museum.

The Hermione frigate

The Hermione frigate, on the banks of the Charente, got a lot of media coverage during its journey to America and is a replica of the French warship that served in the late 18th century. After extensive renovation work (17 years) which began in 1997, the Hermione has been on several adventures around the world be it in the US or on home turf in Brest and Saint-Malo. You may have the chance to see this fabulous ship drop anchor in La Rochelle's waters during your camping stay in Châtelaillon-Plage. Guided tours are available so you can experience an 18th century sailor's everyday life. Crew members will introduce you to the frigate during a fun-filled educational tour that all ages adore. Honoré Pineau, a gunner on the Hermione, even hosts a theatrical tour! Make sure you visit the gift shop if you want to take home a souvenir of your trip to what is undoubtedly Rochefort-sur-Mer's biggest attraction. We should warn you that visiting and seeing this fabulous ship for yourself will make you want to take to the high seas... Why not sail to Ile de Ré near our campsite? Soak up the island vibes with a trip to Ile d'Aix, Ile d'Oléron and Ile Madame during your stay near La Rochelle...

Corderie Royale de Rochefort

The Corderie Royale, the longest rope factory in the 17th century, is the jewel of Rochefort's maritime arsenal. Explore its history, learn how to make sailing knots and foil a plot with a comic hero using your smartphone. The Hermione replica looms nearby. This fabulous three-masted sailboat took La Fayette to America in 1780.

Explore the history of one of the biggest factories in the 18th century in Rochefort near our Châtelaillon-Plage campsite: Corderie Royale.

The building may look more like a palace at first glance but this long factory provided royal ships with ropes and rigging.

The Corderie Royale is now a popular museum hosting several exhibitions.

During your time in this fascinating museum, you'll learn how to make traditional rope and how to tie sailing knots at the rigging workshop.

The Corderie Royale near the campsite in Châtelaillon-Plage is an absolute must-visit whilst on holiday in the Charente Maritime.


Price 1 Corderie Royale or Hermione site (excluding the Heart of the Hermione tour): Adult: 9€ 6 - 15 years old: 5€ Under 6: free Family price (2 adults + 2 children): 25€

Price 2 Corderie Royale and Hermione sites (excluding the Heart of the Hermione tour): Adult: 16€ 6 - 15 years old: 9€ Under 6: free Family price (2 adults + 2 children): 45€

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